Want to make a great record together?

Cool. Godcity rates start at $600 per day – thats typically 8-10 hours. Projects where Kurt Ballou functions as “producer” as well as engineer can be negotiated when the session is booked. Fill out the form below to inquire about availability.

Remote recording for live shows and other non-studio locations is also available.  Rates for remote recording start at $350/day.  Email godcityremote@gmail.com for more details.



    A few important things to note when booking:

    If you would like to hire Kurt to mix a recording tracked elsewhere, please get in touch several months before tracking begins.

    Clients are charged for the time they book regardless of how prompt they are. A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required to confirm dates. If you cancel with enough notice that another project can be found to fill those dates, your deposit will be returned pro-rated based on the number of dates filled. It is important to note that deposits are connected to specific dates, not projects – postponing means you will likely lose your deposit.

    Purchasing of tape, CD’s, and hard drives is the responsibility of the client unless prior arrangements are made. Please confirm formats before placing your order.  

    Archival of recordings is the responsibility of the client, not GodCity.

    If alternate mixes, such as stems, vocal up, instrumentals, etc, are required, please state that at the time of booking so that extra mixing time can be booked for that purpose.